All businesses have change events.  These are wide and varied and might arise during start up, from opportunities for growth, through innovation, partnerships with new clients, restructuring, or even business disputes.  Firm Advantage guides its clients through these events, providing commercial solutions to protect business assets.  We focus on intellectual property, contracts, people and business performance.

Our Services

Firm Advantage is helping organisations to strategically manage business matters, troubleshoot problems and deliver the more formal aspects of commercial intellectual property management, contract amendments & negotiations, personnel and coaching, structuring and performance improvement.    
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Intellectual Property in Oxfordshire
Intellectual Property in Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire Office

Foxhill House
Bessels Way

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About Us

Firm Advantage has been established by Jackie Maguire who is a business architect and has wide ranging experience in business management, intellectual property and strategy. 
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IP Advisor Oxfordshire
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